The Teaneck Chamber of Commerce was created to help the businesses and residents of Teaneck, New Jersey.  We have members in many areas and industries as well as many more connections to various organizations and entities to help our fellow Teaneckers.  We welcome you to learn more about the Chamber by perusing our site and letting us know if there are any questions or concerns you may have.  We also welcome you to become a member in the Chamber by completing our membership application.

Purpose of the Chamber:

To represent the business community of Teaneck in an ongoing effort to maintain and expand the business environment.
To Act for and on behalf of the business community of Teaneck municipal affairs representing the common interests of the business people in Teaneck.
To favor legislation that is in the best interest of the business community at the municipal, county, state and national levels and to oppose legislation that is not.
To take whatever steps are deemed necessary to portray Teaneck as an attractive community that serves the needs of the business community as well as it’s residents.
To organize and sponsor events or promotions to benefit the various businesses, not-for-profit community organizations and professions in Teaneck and to give new businesses the opportunity to establish relationships with colleagues in the community. 

To welcome new residents to Teaneck and to acquaint them with the business and professional advantages of their new community and to help ease their transition into the community.